About Us

The Pulse of the City News staff members have a lifetime of experience publishing and consulting in the real estate, building and construction industry.

We look for the companies in our industry that excel in customer service. However, there are some that remain deaf to the “customer care revolution” that other industries have been aware of for years. Our industry has a great focus on getting the bricks and mortar done right, but often little on the value of providing an outstanding customer experience. There just aren’t many voices in the industry talking about it. And the complexity of the construction process itself presents enough challenges without adding in the considerations surrounding the end-user’s satisfaction, not just with the end result, but the process of getting there during the design and build.

So we set out to deliver on two promises:

1. To provide the industry with a fair and balanced approach to measuring the customer experience, and then report on those findings each year. We do this by listening to what the customers are saying in social media as well as online review websites (both consumer and business), and from a host of other sources. We then publish on our website those companies that earned the highest possible ratings of 4 to 5 stars.

2. To offer solutions to the challenge of delivering top-level customer service. To do this we partnered with The Stirling Center for Excellence and brought together a multitude of resources that educate on the subject. We intend to help celebrate and enhance the customer experience throughout the building and construction industry for years to come, providing companies with the tools to help them exceed.

We are committed to shining a light on those providing excellent customer service and, when there is a need, help those that seek to improve.