Stirling Center for Excellence

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Welcome to The Stirling Center for Excellence — a learning and resource center with courses, team training and support, executive coaching, articles, case studies and interviews focused on excellence. Pulse of the City News draws upon Stirling’s resources in the customer experience arena and its Building and Construction Division resources.

Pulse of the City News, rooted in the Building and Construction Industry, has teamed with The Stirling Center to bring the benefits of the “customer experience” culture to our industry. The Stirling Center provides “customer first” learning resources, including articles, courses, and training tools and materials on customer-oriented performance.

Click here to read about creating the ultimate customer experience in the words of others.

To learn more about available courses, visit The Stirling Center or our Course Catalog

Welcome to the Stirling Center for Excellence — a learning center filled with articles, case studies and interviews with leaders of companies that are contracting for services as well as companies that are providing services, with a specific focus on the importance of expecting and providing the ultimate customer experience.

The Stirling Center for Excellence also provides different courses to help your company. To learn more about these course visit our Course Catalog